• That Sketch Show

    Written, Directed, and Produced by Mary Corigliano and Sloan Brettholtz

    Recycling Rap

    That Sketch Show - Episode 1


    Marny and Sasha are singer/songwriters/self-proclaimed rappers from the 1990's that use their fun and unique lyrics to inspire children everywhere! Just make sure to play by their rules, and don't get in their way.

    How To Host A Murder

    That Sketch Show - Episode 2

    In the heat of her acting career, Shannon tends to get a little too into character when playing board games with her friends.

    The Dining Womb

    That Sketch Show - Episode 3

    New York's hottest restaurant is The Dining Womb. It has everything: pacifiers, burping stations, and adult babies.

    Cool Mom

    That Sketch Show - Episode 4

    Technology comes and goes, but MOM lasts forever. Watch what happens when the latest smart speaker, MOM, goes face to face with a way less cool, human Mom.