• That Just Happened is BACK (Virtually)!

    A sketch comedy show that gives you a chance to laugh at the new wave of weird situations in our daily lives.

    Written, Directed & Produced by Mary Corigliano.

    Next Show:

    Saturday, September 12th

    8PM @ The PIT Facebook's Live


    Alyssa Abraham

    Rachael Burke

    Jonathan Butts

    Mike Crigs

    Mary Corigliano

    David Corigliano

    Terri Corigliano

    Margeaux Dupuy

    Dante Giannetta
    Andrew Gordon

    Sarah Gorski

    James Han

    Bert James

    Christine Kim

    Sophia Lee

    Grant Lindahl

    Andrew Manning

    Shannon McInally
    Kat Moser

    Rosco Nash

    Albert Olszewski

    Alex Otis

    Jacob Priddy

    Jason Russell

    Blair Tate

    Zack Watson