• Original Sketches

    Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by Mary Corigliano

    SewYou (Commercial Parody)

    DP: Saliyl Dotson

    SewYou sends five pieces of clothing every month, and you send back the ones you don't want! But what if some people wear the clothes regularly and send them back dirty? Watch this sketch to find out!

    MyResolution App

    DP: Saliyl Dotson

    Have a New Year's Resolution you're hoping to keep? Try MyResolution! Shock collar sold separately.

    Nativity Toys

    DP: Mary Corigliano

    Nativity figures are toys, and therefore should be played with. You can try to disagree, but that won't stop Andy.

    NYC Halloween EXPOSED

    DP: Saliyl Dotson

    A small town news reporter spends her first Halloween in New York City interviewing people dressed in very... creative... costumes.

    HelloChef Commercial

    DP: Saliyl Dotson

    Hello Chef, a new meal delivery service, is bringing people together one meal at a time (...or not).

    FaceDate Commercial

    DP: Saliyl Dotson

    FaceApp's new feature, FaceDate, eliminates any worry of what'll happen when someone gets slapped in the face by father time.

    Samsung Powershare Parody

    DP: Baxter Linn

    Samsung's new Powershare Commercial doesn't address what will happen when "sharing the power" gets out of hand -- so we did. You're welcome.

    Just Don't PSA

    DP: Saliyl Dotson

    A message from the graduating Class of 2019... and every millennial.